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Picture 1 Mrs D'cruz - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Fox Deputy - Head, Year 6 Teacher and CD Lead
Picture 3 Mrs Grimwood - SENCo







Teaching Assistant

Donaldson Class (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Miss Foster

Miss Magowan

Monet Class

(Year 1)

Mrs Davies

Mrs Shields

Nightingale Class (Year 2)

Mrs Cox

Mrs Mumford

Edison Class

(Year 3)


Miss Hills



      Mrs Miller         

Attenborough Class (Year 4)


Mrs Bishopp


Mrs Hoad




Mrs Sims & Mrs Vincer

Aspinall Class

(Year 5)



Miss Lawless








Mrs Fox

Newton Class

(Year 6)

Mr Fox

Mrs Clayton


The Admin Team


Mrs Parsons Mrs Soutan Mrs Dodman Mrs Wren
Finance Manager Family Liaison Officer Assistant Administrator Senior Administrator


Breakfast Club


Mrs Mumford Mrs Wood Mrs Fellows


Midday Supervisors


Mrs Parker Mrs Wood Mrs Fellows


The Premises Team

Mrs Windsor Mrs White Mrs Wood Mrs Fellows
Caretaker Cleaner Cleaner Cleaner