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Christian Values

These are our Christian values.

They were chosen in partnership with the school community, with input from parents, governors, staff and children. Click on the icon to explore how we learn about, and live out, each school value.

These values inform the shape and form of all our interactions at school. Our aim is that they permeate all areas of school life from our behaviour to our learning, from celebrating our achievements to dealing with our difficulties.


Our values specifically inform school improvement, with each area linked in a concrete way to the values of the school. This can be seen in our School Development Plan and our SIAMS Plan.


The values are integral to our school behaviour system; where children's behaviour and attitude reflects the school values they are celebrated. When children  behave in a way which is contrary to the school values the school behaviour policy is followed - with love and forgiveness being key to the staff response.


But the values are not just for the children. They are woven through the school community, with adults and children alike trying to live up to Biblical values embedded in scripture.